In these days, people tend to achieve the important values of their lives quick and easy, without considering the quality of the outcome. For instance, in Las Vegas, some people are getting married quick and easy as if they were ordering fast food and are addicted to gambling wishing that earning a fortune within a day. If you donate $99 to a certain website, they will pray for you to go to heaven. Those kinds of phenomena reflect the cheap culture of the modern society that is twisted version of the traditional approach to achieve the value of the life.

The operation process of this device resembles the process of playing a slot machine; you put a coin into the machine and then confess. By playing this gabling-machine-like device, people will confess to a digitally created representation of priest in quick and easy way and the winner gets the entry to the heaven. I agree with Weiser’s theory that technology will be so embedded in our daily lives that people would not be aware of it anymore. If it might actually happen, I thought that to some people computing might be ideological, because it is invisible. My proposal might be seen as extreme case, however some people these days believe in science fictions and aliens, so why not the computer?

// Every time, participants push the button to confess, the betting money of a slot machine, which is located on the other side will go up and attract gamblers. //